The Cabin: An Archetype for Freedom in a Tenured Life?


The humble hut has recently enjoyed a renaissance in architectural scholarship and popular media. These two publications, Cabin Pornedited by Zach Klein, and Shack: In Praise of an Australian Iconby Simon Griffiths, explore various permutations of the hut typology, documenting the fascinating stories of the people behind the huts through vivid images and narratives. The thesis in both works seems to argue that the hut is the perfect antidote to the stresses and anxieties of modernity. I’ve written about this very question to some extent in Placing Heidegger, and other provocative scholarship on the topic can be found in Ann Kline’s poetic text, A Hut of One’s Own: Life Outside the Circle of Architecture, as well as Adam Sharr’s Heidegger’s Hut.

Follow this link, Cabin Porn, to find this publication on the Book Depository website.

Shack: In Praise of an Australian Icon is a little more difficult to track down, but the following link is a good place to start: Shack: In Praise of an Australian Icon